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EKAA Floor Cleaner Exotica Jasmine - 50 Kg

Weight : 50 kg

Rs 1,699.00

The product is a strong antimicrobial floor cleaner with refreshing Jasmine fragrance to keep your fl­oors clean and speckless. Along with removing dirt from floors, 99% additional germ protection can also be ensured by using the antimicrobial EKAA Floor Cleaner. The product is best suited for households and institutions for regular floor mopping and cleaning. EKAA Floor Cleaner helps to start your days afresh with its excellent fragrance that lingers all through the day.


Floor Cleaning/mopping. Best for use in hotels, schools, colleges, hospitals, offices and other institutions

**industrial supply.

How to use?

The product is recommended to be diluted with 5 times water by volume. The diluted solution may be used for mopping or cleaning floors. EKAA Floor Cleaner is not white phenyl. The product is having excellent cleaning action and the dirt being removed from the floors/surfaces can be seen while mopping. Conventional floor cleaning “white phenyl” made by adding perfumes to a colloidal suspension is being widely replaced by EKAA Floor cleaners. Being antimicrobial, the areas cleaned by this product shall also be 99% germ free.

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