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EKAA Liquid Wash Hi Power - 5 Kg

Weight : 5 kg

Rs 1,199.00

This product is an ideal concentrated multipurpose detergent formulation for a variety of needs in housekeeping, laundry, as dish wash, as car wash and for other general cleaning needs. This is suitable for both households and institutions. The product is  pH balanced, viscous, lemon perfumed and 100% soluble in water. 


Washing of dishes, automobiles, fabrics etc

How to use?

The product may be diluted with 100 times water by volume for normal wash in housekeeping, as dish wash, as car wash and for general cleaning needs. But depending on the need, dilution may also be reduced when used as laundry detergent or for removing stubborn dirt.

Being concentrated formulations our EKAA liquid wash can be diluted with lot of water as mentioned above and hence the effective price/cost after dilution is very less than other products available in the market. Therefore, while comparing rates of similar products in the market, the recommended dilution with water of such products also must be taken into consideration.

Many low cost liquid detergents look turbid and thick due to addition of abundant thickeners whereas our liquid wash are transparent, clear, attractive and comparatively less thicker.

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