About Us

KSOV CORPORATION established in the year 1992 has been engaged in manufacturing, marketing and exporting of detergents and allied chemical formulations with registered trademark and brand name "EKAA". We have wide range of products like laundry detergent, liquid wash, floor cleaner, surface cleaner, dish wash, car wash, toilet freshener, hand wash, sodium hypochlorite, alum and many customized formulations. EKAA Hygiene products are supplied in ideal packs for households and institutions alike. 


As the name depicts EKAA range of premium hygiene products are unique in their make and delivery. EKAA products are innovative formulations drawn out of R & D by professionals with decades of experience in the realm and manufactured under stringent quality control. EKAA brand of hygiene products are synonymous to gentle care and flawless cleanliness. EKAA products are delivered at your doorstep, whenever you want them. 

Quality Policy

We manufacture and market Quality Products worldwide meeting customers’ requirements on time ensuring hassle free delivery with a commitment to continually improve the effectiveness of Quality Management System driven by the mission of care for water and environment and thus keep service our virtue.


Enhance regular customer base by direct supply of high quality hygiene chemical formulations


Ensure ethics and best standards in business by conserving water and environment


Maintain customer satisfaction with on time delivery & quick resolution of complaints

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