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EKAA Surface Cleaner Concentrate - 2.5 Kg

Weight : 3 kg

Rs 549.00

This product is a strong dirt-remover from a variety of surfaces like tiles, ­floors, furniture and utensils.  Most of the dirt including oil, decay, food residues, dirt-induced normal stains, germs etc. are quickly removed. As the area cleaned using this product is perfectly neat, housefl­ies are least attracted to the cleaned surface. The product is best suited for houses and hotels for complete hygiene in the kitchen and dining areas as well as hospitals, yoga and ayurveda centers, industries and temples for removing blackened oil stuck on utensils, brass lamps, fl­oors etc. Oil particles from the surfaces are easily removed. Surface cleaned by this product is 99% dirt free and there shall be no bad smell at all.  No foam shall remain after wet mopping / cleaning and hence lot of water can be saved. The product can be diluted with more than 50 times water by volume. 

How to use?

This product is our own innovation and is available only with us. The product can be diluted 50 times and more with water by volume. The product is recommended to be diluted with more than 50 times water by volume. The diluted solution may be used for washing or mopping surfaces. For daily mopping or washing of ­floors, tables, etc., the product may be diluted up to 75 times water by volume. 

Since food residues and decay particles being easily removed, there would hardly be anything remaining to attract house flies. If tables, floors and kitchen areas in restaurants are regularly cleaned using this product, chances of house flies getting attracted towards the sites get reduced. In hospitals, this product would make the area almost near to sterile. 

Another important quality of the product is the excellent oil removing ability. Hence, this can be used for cleaning of floors and surfaces of Ayurveda clinics and hospitals. 

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