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Safety Information – Wall and Tile Freshener

Wall and Tile Freshener is non hazardous.

Commercial Name: Wall and Tile Freshener
CAS No. : Not Applicable
UN No. : Not Applicable
Hazard Class: Non Hazardous
Appearance: Viscous liquid
Stability: Stable under normal atmospheric conditions.
Storage and Handling: No special handling precautions. Wash hands with water before eating, smoking or using toilets.
Warning: No special warning
Accidental Release Measures: No specific method recommended. Non-toxic but not recommended for human internal consumption/drinking

First Aid Measures:

a) Ingestion: Get immediate medical attention.

b) Inhalation: Not applicable

c) Skin: Wash with plenty of water.

d) Eyes: Wash with plenty of water. Get medical attention at the earliest.
Disposal: Non hazardous. Dispose in accordance with local governmental regulations

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