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EKAA Laundry Wash 5 kg


  • Cloth wash
  • Best for washing machine use.
  • Only 150 ml needed for full load machine wash.


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EKAA Laundry Wash


EKAA Laundry Wash has been an all-time favorite of homemakers for many years delivering best results as a fabric wash. The product is ideal for use in washing machines and it requires only less than 150 ml for washing a full load of clothes. Soiled clothes turn immaculately clean and bright giving an ecstatic feel of freshness. The product is not at all harmful to the fabric and also does not fade the fabric colour. The product is ideal for use in households and institutions.

User information

How to use?

Pour 150 ml of EKAA Laundry Wash into the fully loaded washing machine. Allow the machine to complete the washing process. Take out the washed clothes that are flawlessly clean, bright and fresh.

Weight 5 kg
Available variant

2.5Kg, 50Kg

Latest reviews

  1. Pooja (verified owner)

    Have been using it with satisfaction

  2. Sonam (verified owner)

    Best price product

  3. Naksh Maheshwari (verified owner)

    Best for delicate clothes

  4. Pratap (verified owner)

    Good for woolen wash

  5. Aruna B (verified owner)

    I Used it. Fragrance is Also Good. No need to use comfort after using this

  6. Saurabh Pradhan (verified owner)

    Good product. Worth for the cost. Best for front loaded machine.

  7. Sidd (verified owner)

    Very good product. I have been using this from last 1 year

  8. Sumith (verified owner)

    Worth it , No harsh chemical residues on clothes

  9. Nidhi H S (verified owner)

    its better than the other couple of brands i have tried.. clothes smell neutral… are cleaner and softer.. do recommend

  10. Prachi R (verified owner)

    Products is very good and clean clothes 90 %

  11. Priya (verified owner)

    The clothes smell good after they are washed and also get cleaned nicely. And most importantly you don’t have to use comfort.
    It’s value for money….

  12. Vinay G (verified owner)

    Does the job well. Don’t need to use too much. Smells good.
    extraordinary when it comes to cleaning tough dirt are washed pretty well.

  13. Manisha K. (verified owner)

    Packings, shipping is good , performance is better than Market products

  14. Amit A (verified owner)

    A super decent liquid for day to day used clothes washing. Smell is so nice. Best value for this item, when compared to others products. Go for it.

  15. Praveen Kumar (verified owner)

    Good quality and overall meet the expectations.

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