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EKAA Washing Powder

Recommendation of use

Use 4 tablespoons of Ekaa (approximately 100 grams) for a full-load machine wash.

For manual washing, 2 tablespoons of Ekaa may be added into a bucket with sufficient water to soak the soiled clothes. Let it rinse for 10-15 minutes and wash the clothes thereafter.


EKAA Washing Powder

Ekaa Washing Powder is a gentle yet effective formulation that leaves laundry sparkling fresh and clean and kills practically all harmful germs, viruses and bacteria. Expertly removes fats, oils, grease and all organic stains while destroying all odour at source. Colour brilliance of your clothes is maintained even after several washes. It refreshes your clothes and gives a pleasant fragrance.

This washing powder is well tolerated by the skin, and is suitable for hand and machine wash alike.


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