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EKAA Toilet Cleaner 5 kg


  • This product is a mild toilet cleaner.
  • Recommended dilution with water – as required or 5-10 times with water
  • The product is best suited for houses as well as institutions.


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EKAA Toilet Cleaner


This product is a mild toilet cleaner. Though mild, EKAA Toilet Cleaner removes dirt completely from the toilet and helps to keep the toilet fresh without any bad odour. Being mild, mere pouring of the solution on the surfaces may not completely clear the dirt but a mild scrubbing is needed to make the toilet spotlessly clean. Since the product is mild, it does not harm the toilet area and by using this product, our customers need not worry about any possible damage to occur at any point of time. The product is best suited for houses as well as institutions.

User Information

How to use?

The product is recommended to be diluted more than10 times water by volume.The diluted solution may be applied on the tiles and the entire toilet area after which a brush may be used to clean to get your toilet sparklingly clean with a refreshing fragrance.

Recommended dilution with water – as required or  5-10 times with water

Weight 5 kg

Latest reviews

  1. Rashmi (verified owner)

    Ekaa Toilet Cleaner in the Original variant is a trusted and effective solution for maintaining a hygienic and clean toilet. As a consumer dedicated to cleanliness and sanitation, and it has proven to be a reliable choice for tackling toilet cleaning tasks.

  2. Jasmine (verified owner)

    A Reliable Solution for a Sparkling Clean Toilet

  3. Sanika (verified owner)

    The Original variant of Ekaa Toilet Cleaner offers a refreshing and pleasant fragrance that helps in neutralizing any unpleasant odors, leaving the toilet smelling clean and hygienic. The long-lasting fragrance creates a welcoming atmosphere in the bathroom, providing an additional sense of cleanliness.

  4. Smitha k (verified owner)

    Effectively removes tough stains and germs, leaving toilets and bathrooms spotless and hygienic. Its easy-to-use design and pleasant fragrance make cleaning tasks less daunting.

  5. Anil kumar (verified owner)

    Economical and useful

  6. Anurag singh (verified owner)

    Item was properly delivered and things were packaged well.. good one

  7. Pradip K. (verified owner)

    Overall, this toilet cleaner is a reliable option for keeping the toilet clean and sanitized.

  8. Asha Joy (verified owner)

    Good quality cleaner that removes stains

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