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EKAA Wall and Tile Freshener 2.5 kg

‘EKAA Wall and Tile Freshener’ is an innovative formulation to clean dirt from emulsion-painted walls, ceilings and tiles for keeping the exterior and interior of a house or building always afresh.


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Repainting an entire house or building is always costly that may require a massive amount of money. At the same time, it is also very essential for everyone to maintain the house or the building neat and tidy. By cleaning painted walls using this product, customers can prolong repainting for a long time saving a significant amount of money.

Directions for Use

We recommend using hand gloves while using the product.
1) Safety Precaution: Electric switchboards or switches and appliances fitted on walls or tiles that are to be cleaned must be covered properly using plastic sheets or any proper way to protect from getting wet before starting the cleaning.

2) Arrange two sets of buckets with floor-wiping mops.

3) Take the required quantity of this product ‘EKAA Wall and Tile Freshener’ in the first bucket and dilute with 5 times by volume of water. For instance, if 500ml of this product is taken in a bucket, add 2.5 liters of water to dilute the product.

4) The second bucket is for ordinary water to be taken as required.

5) This product does not contain any additive that may harm the natural texture of the walls or tiles in any way. For ensuring that this product gives excellent results without any damage to the surface to be cleaned, a very small area of wall or tile may be wiped using either a mop or a piece of cloth dipped in diluted ‘EKAA Wall and Tile Freshener’ kept in the first bucket. After around 10 minutes, clean the area by wiping using a cloth or mop dipped in water in the second bucket. Check the cleaned area and be confident about the excellent product performance without the painted surfaces or tiles getting damaged.

6) Now start cleaning entire walls or tiles using diluted ‘EKAA Wall and Tile Freshener’ in the first bucket and then with water in the second bucket as mentioned in the above para.

7) If thick dirt is not entirely removed at any part of the surface, try to remove the dirt using a sponge, cloth or scrubber dipped in “EKAA Wall & Tile Freshener” undiluted.

8) While ceilings or walls are being cleaned, the drops of liquid falling on floors may make “patches” on the floors due to the dirt getting removed at those spots. If floors also are cleaned, the entire dirt on the floors would be removed along with “patches” giving us almost original bright and neat floors. Thus happily maintain the exterior and the interior of houses or buildings to look clean and attractive without spending too much. This product can also be used for maintaining the kitchen area clean and hygienic always.

Available variant

50Kg, 5Kg

Latest reviews

  1. Shivkumar (verified owner)

    I am Regular customer of this products

  2. akhlesh patel (verified owner)

    Very effective in making the tiles shiny

  3. Punya S (verified owner)

    Lovely experience absolute great product ever

  4. Deepthi K (verified owner)

    Works like a pro

  5. ksovcorp (verified owner)

    Very useful, it does remove all dirt or hardness from wall and tiles

  6. Rajeshwari (verified owner)

    I bought this for the first time for house cleaning and completely satisfied with the cleaning results. It cleans perfectly and quickly. A must have at home!

  7. Charan (verified owner)

    Good tiles cleaner, value for money spent.

  8. Rakesh Kumar (verified owner)

    Easy to use and results are fantastic. Everyone should give it a try.

  9. Naveen (verified owner)

    best product

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