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EKAA Wall and Tile Freshener 5 kg

This product is an innovative formulation to clean dirt and stains from painted walls and surfaces.


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Painting an entire house or building is always a costly affair. But it is also very essential for everyone to keep walls of house or building afresh. “EKAA Wall & Tile Freshener” has been formulated to clean and maintain the walls, tiles or other building surfaces for getting a neat and fresh look. By cleaning painted walls using this product, it helps in controlling the worth, lifespan & shine of the walls and tiles. This helps a customer to prolong the cost that may incur for painting to a longer period of time thereby saving good amount of money

Directions for Use

Arrange two sets of floor mops with buckets. We recommend using hand gloves while using the product.Take required quantity of this product ‘EKAA Wall and Tile Freshener’ in a bucket and dilute with 5 times by volume of water. For an instance, if 500ml of this product is taken in a bucket, add 2.5 litres of water to dilute the product. Take water in another bucket.For ensuring that this product gives excellent result, wipe and clean a very small area of wall or tile with the diluted solution(as mentioned above), using either a mop or a piece of cloth and wait. After around 10 minutes, clean It with water or wipe with cloth or mop dipped in water. We will be getting excellent results, as this product does not contain any ACID that may harm the natural texture of the floors or walls in any possible way and yet cleans effectively.If thick dirt are not fully removed, try to remove the dirt using a sponge, cloth or scrubber dipped in “EKAA Wall & Tile Freshener” without diluting with water.


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